Features Of The LIFEPAK 2 Defibrillator

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Medtronic is the manufacturer of the LIFEPAK 2 defibrillator used by mobile emergency responders and hospitals alike. The LIFEPAK 2 has many unique life saving features that distinguishes it from other defibrillators. The versatility of the defibrillator makes it one of the most popular with nearly one half million purchased worldwide.

Patient care is central to the LIFEPAK 2. The innovative pulse oximetry technology available in these defibrillators provides critical information to medical professionals. Pulse rate is tracked and monitored. The level of oxygen in the blood is assessed to alert professionals of decreasing saturation levels. The LIFEPAK 2 is available with biphasic technology. The defibrillator trends vital signs so professionals can immediately assist if there is sudden change in the heart attack victim's condition.

The defibrillator is small and portable. The LIFEPAK 2 weighs only 14.5 pounds making it easy to handle. Bluetooth wireless communication technology is available with this defibrillator. This allows for immediate transmission of patient data to professionals. Critical data transmitted includes ECG assessments. Medical professionals need all of the information they can get to properly treat a heart attack victim. The ability to get immediate information on a patient improves the chances for survival and reduces long-term or permanent damage. Professionals are able to address conditions as they occur.

The LIFEPAK 2 allows for paddle selection. Standard paddles are available. There are also pediatric paddles. All internal and external paddles are easily sterilized, insuring safe treatment of victims. This is important when an individual's life is already on the line. Infections must be avoided, particularly when using internal paddles. Selection of paddles allows emergency responders to provide the best on-site treatment of victims while minimizing potential damage.

Another feature of the LIFEPAK 2 defibrillator is that it is upgradeable. All upgrades are easy and affordable making these defibrillators the number one choice for many emergency response professionals. The overall confidence in the defibrillators is unmatched.

This confidence only improves the level of care LIFEPAK 2 operators provide to heart attack victims. By being completely confident in the equipment they use, they can focus all of their attention on saving the lives of victims.

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