Samaritan PAD 500P Defibrillator with CPR
Samaritan PAD 500P Defibrillator with CPR
HeartSine Samaritan

Samaritan PAD 500P Defibrillator with CPR

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  • 8 year warranty
  • World Leading CPR Advisor
  • Semi Automatic Shock Delivery
  • Easy to Follow Visual and Verbal Guides
  • Durable
  • Advanced Technology
  • Single Battery/Electrode Cartridge

The HeartSine samaritan PAD 500P Defibrillator offers the very best in public access AED's. 

Designed specifically for use in public areas, the HeartSine Samaritan® PAD 500P can be used for adult or paediatric use.

Its unique technology presents real-time feedback to the operator by using audio prompts such as "Push Harder".  During CPR the 500P defibrillator will also indicate when you are doing "Good Compressions" using information from the real blood flow.  

About 70% of all CPR is ineffectively performed, so the HeartSine Samaritan 500P Defibrillator contains technology that determines whether your compressions are effective, electrically through the defibrillation pads.

The SAM 500P uses HeartSine's practical Pad-Pak™, which incorporates the battery and electrodes in a single cartridge - meaning only one expiration date to monitor and only one item to replace after use.

The SAM 500P is suitable for use on adults and children. For children younger than 8 years or weighing less than 25 kg (55 lbs), a Pediatric-Pak™ is available.